Essay on Multiculturalism Is A Perspective On Human Life

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The World is full of cultures. Nowadays, most of the societies are multicultural. Though, what does multicultural exactly mean? Does it mean a society full of people of different ethnicities, different values or different political orientations? Is multiculturalism good at all or is it some kind of hindrance? According to Bhikhu Parekh’s “Rethinking Multiculturalism” multiculturalism is “a perspective on human life”. Although sometimes it creates some obstacles, multiculturalism could be “a source of great creative opportunities”.
Each person is born and later brought up in a certain culture. The influence of that culture is enormous. It shapes the person’s interests, values, desires. After absorbing the culture for a long time, one has great difficulties overcoming cultural habits. One may adopt other cultures, though the impact of “mother culture” can not be fully erased.
Furthermore, each culture delineates a way of good life, and this portrayal is usually different culture by culture. In order to understand multiculturalism profoundly, one should accept that each culture deserves some kind of respect. Each culture has a group of representatives that build up the basis of multiculturalism. Without appreciation each of those groups, multiculturalism would not exist - “no culture is wholly worthless… no culture is perfect and has a right to impose itself on others”.
In addition, the author believes that the relation to other cultures is directly proportional to the…

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