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Analysis of Mrs. Dalloway – Virginia Woolf

Mrs. Dalloway, published in 1925, is a romantic drama with deep psychological approaching in to the world of urban English society in the summer of 1923, five years after the end of World War I.
The book begins in the morning with the arrangements for a party Clarissa Dalloway will give and it ends late in the evening when the guests are all leaving. There are many flashbacks to tell us the past of each character, but it does not leave the range of those few hours. It presents several stream-of-consciousness devices: indirect interior monologue, time and space montage, flashbacks and psychological free association based mainly on memory, with the support of imagination and the senses (mainly
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Each character presents his own point of view, and the reader is left with his own choice. This way, the au¬thor avoided dogmatism and applied a belief her characters con¬vey explicitly.
We also notice that the writer used time-montage and flash¬backs, as a direct result of her belief in the difference between clock-time and internal time. The use of the psychological free association reveals the importance she attributed to the past as a component of one's present: the association is generally stimulated by memory and the senses, mainly sight as said before.
Another stream-of-consciousness device used in the book is the epiphany, which being a private experience, which remains unexplained and open to the reader's interpretation. According to Virginia it is impossible to know or judge anyone this way she used the multiple selective omniscience and epiphany ex¬perienced by her characters.
Her main concern was man in his relationship with others; her characters' basic concern is to keep one's individuality and at the same time establish a good relationship with people, all situations that may imply an interaction between human relationships. She also exploited not only man's interior but also man's deepest concerns such as time, love, life and death.
Man's wish of command and persuasion is strongly attacked in Mrs. Dalloway

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