Essay on Motivating Staff When the Money Is Tight

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Case Study 5.2: Motivating Staff when the money is tight
Question 2
If Claire Pignataro and some other recruits earn less pay than people in other industries, to what extent would the attraction and retention initiatives described in this case study reduce feelings of inequity?
Raising motivation levels and ensuring commitment are two of the key success factors when managing people at work. Increasingly managers, whether consciously or not, are turning to the psychological contract as a way to retain and motivate key staff. It was a useful tool when managing and recruiting staff. It is basically the unspoken contract between the organization and the job holder. It encapsulates the expectations of both sides as to what each expects the
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In this day and age there are many changes that affect the workplace, no longer is a job considered to be for life and in this competitive market employees are in a position to choose who they want to work for. Typical changes faced by organizations are the nature of jobs (flexible workers, contractors, and temps) restructures, redundancies, technology and market changes. As a result of these changes and especially in our current low employment times, employees are increasingly recognized as the key business drivers.

The ability of the business to add value rests on its front line employees or human capital. A successful organization is one that works hard to get the most out of its people. It order to be successful employers have to understand what their employees expect from their work.
Below are the few elements that consist of typical conditions of Psychological contracts:- Employees from Employers | Employers from Employees | * Trust and respect * Reward and recognition * Opportunities for training and advancement * Feedback on performance * An attractive benefits package * A pleasant and safe working environment * To develop new skills and be flexible | * Hard work * Loyalty and commitment to company * Good

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