Morgan Stanley Case Study Essay

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The main focus of this essay is to present an analysis on Morgan Stanley’s business condition and troubles they were facing in the past and to provide solutions to solve their struggle. First, we will evaluate Morgan Stanley’s business by using the Porter’s 5 Competitive Forces Model. Then, we will illustrate the changes in the firm’s value chain before and after June 2005 by using the Value Chain Model. More than that, we will also analyze Morgan Stanley’s business by using the Management, Organization and Technology (MOT) factors. Lastly, we will include recommendations to solve their problems by using the MOT factors.

Morgan Stanley is a global financial services firm which was founded in 1935. The corporation operates in four
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In addition, Morgan Stanley was not presented with proper information system. The average income of customers was not presented well in the company’s system and this has caused major defects. All these matter led the corporation to lose high profile clients and dissatisfy top brokers. This reduced Morgan Stanley’s customer platform and supplier intimacy.

After June 2005, the firm’s value chain has been strengthening. Morgan Stanley had finally decided to increase their investment in technology. The new system that they had implemented to the brokers definitely helps them perform more efficiently compared to before. The brokers found that there is a better way to solve most of the difficulties that exist within critical peak hours, especially in updating latest stock market information and also client’s accession. By associating towards customer’s benefits, a valuable chain can be performed. Although it might not be as important as handling hands-on information through the online services for customers, it might be second best. The Retail Brokerage has also produced the warmest profit following by the essential changes in incorporates. Therefore, by creating a tough built value chain, more advantage from the clients can be obtained by the employees. All the benefits gained will be change into added value for customer’s service quality. Consequently, both client and supplier confidence are well

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