Modern Day Western Society Essay

1080 Words Oct 26th, 2015 null Page
Modern day Western society views being feminine as weakness, while masculinity is associated with confidence and dominance above all. It seems like more recently the media and society in general have put an emphasis on young women breaking the gender boundary, but what about young men? Very rarely do you see media stress the importance of men showing emotion, or hear about a relationship where the women has a more dominant role. Parents tend to stray from raising their boys more like daughters because of the way it will reflect them, every parent wants their child to be a leader, to be dominant and to be successful, all of which are associated with masculinity. Having a male child that reflects anything less than these qualities would be considered some form of disappointment to the parents. It is evident that it takes more bravery for parents to raise their young boys more feminine than it is to raise their young girls more masculine because of the concrete expectations surrounding gender norms and masculinity as a social construction. This is predominantly seen in a short story written by Bergman “Today I am a man”, in which he illustrates three examples of how men and boys are restricted from participating in basic human characteristics in fear of being seen less then masculine. He displays these in three major areas of his short story where he shows how men are restricted from showing emotion, from falling into submission and from straying from activities/…

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