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Mobile Video Trends In 2016 You Need to Know
A recent report published by comScore highlights important trends in how audiences consume videos on their mobile devices.

Specifically, YouTube’s video app has earned the second most unique visitors year over year with only Facebook ranking higher. With YouTube acting as the undisputed king of online video and Facebook beefing up its own video platform, 2016 is poised for brands ready to commit to mobile video marketing.

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YouTube videos in particular carry a lot of power on mobile devices. When properly optimized for visibility through headlines, descriptions, and link building, YouTube videos gain amplified traffic from both the first and second largest search engines: Google, who displays YouTube videos in SERP’s, and, of course, YouTube. The two apps rank second and fourth in year-over-year growth.

This is important because video discovery is not limited to one singular app. Keyword research applies to all content marketing, including mobile videos. With Google Search app ranking high on the app usage list above, it’s important to optimize meta descriptions and headlines for videos as you would for any other piece of content.

It’s clear that social media plays a big role in video sharing as well. Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter are all important platforms that made the list above. A link shared by a friend can be clicked at any point, on any device, and start consumers on a…

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