Mirage of Health Essay

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"According to Lao-tzu and Taoist followers, joy and bliss were possible only in a world of primitive simplicity. Men could achieve health and happiness only by merging themselves with their environment and living in accord with the laws of the four seasons, by participating with other living creatures in the mysterious equality and thus forget themselves in the Tao," (258-259). A philosophy of health began as the Taoist people backed away from conflict and lived their lives concerned about the physical and social environment. A shift from focusing life on conflicts to concentrating on prevention is what I believe is important in health education today. Throughout the Mirage of Health, Rene Dubos discusses the past of homo sapiens or man as …show more content…
This is an important lesson because at the adolescent age, often times there are many changes that they have to adapt to. It's important to implement this lesson in the classroom to insure that the students have the tools to adapt to their changing lives. Overall, the ability for humans to adapt is a big idea that should not be forgotten. Typically, there are two different ways someone may practice and reflect about health. Today's view may rely on more of a continuum between these two Gods of health. With her name meaning health or hygiene, Hygeia was a goddess that once watched over the health in Athens. "For the worshipers of Hygeia, health is the natural order of things, a positive attribute to which men are entitled if they govern their lives wisely" (131). In contrast, often times when men suffer from disease, "men as a rule find it easier to depend on healers than to attempt the more difficult task of living wisely" (130). Therefore, Asclepius, who lived as a physician, was the God man counted on to treat disease. Within these two aspects of health, I realize the value of education in the prevention of disease. The great sanitary movement was a big part of the decrease in death due to disease; however, our generation goes further with the belief that disease is controlled by antibacterial drugs. As a future health educator, I strongly believe

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