Media Bias And Its Economic Impact Essay

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McCarthy and Dolfsma’s article (2013) titled: “Neutral Media? Evidence of Media Bias and its Economic Impact”, examined whether the media in today’s world is neutral and if it has any effect on the economy and the way we perceive news. The article came from the journal, Review of Social Economy and was published the 1st of August 2013. The authors are Killian J. McCarthy and Wilfred Dolfsma.
McCarthy and Dolfsma (2013) focused their attention on the effects that the media can have on society and the economy by looking at the question of whether the media is neutral or does it impact various societies and economies throughout the world. The article stated: “How neutral is the media?” and they went on to examine and propose why it is not neutral.
Literature Review
In McCarthy and Dolfsma’s article (2013) on how neutral the media actually is, they used various relating articles to prove their hypothesis about the media and its effects on society. They used 51 different sources to establish and prove that the media is not neutral, but that it plays a role in how we perceive the news and events portrayed on the media. The media seems to turn good news bad easily and can twist facts to make different points, perhaps with the goal of entertaining or keeping the reader or listener hooked. The article consists of different ways that the media can disrupt societies in what they put out and display. It talked a lot about journalists and how they see themselves as neutral. The…

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