Martin Luther King and Malcolm X Essay

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Working Together For The Same Cause.
This paper will focus on Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King jr. because they are both strong representations of two different approaches to a common goal. Perhaps their different approaches of violence and nonviolence stem from their original opinions of how capable the whites are of being good.
Of the many African American leaders and authors of the sixties, they shared similar feelings towards the white run American society in which they lived. They all blamed the whites for the racism which existed.
However, they agreed that it was up to the black society to end this problem. Using the black society, each of the leaders had their own idea of how racism could be stopped. Unfortunately, for
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Whereas Malcolm X could learn and educate himself in the way that he couldn't do outside prison and he could learn about the readings from Muhammad and help him to get better educated on the movement and the history of the black man. The bad experiences are for King is that he was put in jail wrongfully and unjustly.
Malcolm X on the other hand was put in jail because of a wrong doing he had done and was sent there for a reason and not because of the movement or anything like that. He was sent to jail because he was a thief and was trying to steal from others and that's why prison was a bad experience and a learning experience for him.
Finally I think that both these men are trying to say is that everybody no matter who you are should come together and work together even if you don't like each other or think that the other is wrong in what they do. The way you do it might be wrong but if it helps to support one cause then you should work together and fight to get was is right for you and everyone that believes in the

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