Martin and the Hand Greneade and Harry Wood Essay

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In his poems “Martin and the Hand Grenade” and “Harry Wood”, Foulcher explores the ideas of the difference between adults and children in their interpretation of warfare. Foulcher also explains the ideas that man has a violet streak which can lead to destruction. In the second poem, the composer conveys the selfishness of living only to acquire wealth and how material possessions do not ultimately bring happiness and fulfillment. Foulcher uses his senses and a variety of techniques to convey his ideas and experiences.

The poems “Martin and the Hand Grenade “is based on a personal experience that Foulcher had had while teaching at a boys school in one of his history lessons. This poem portrays the idea that adults and children have a
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This is also a part of Foulcher style of writing.
This poem moves thought out the life of Harry Wood and we come across the judgment that Harry is very ruthless, stubborn and proud of himself and all his actions.
Harry was determined to work his way out of poverty so he stops himself from socializing and kept his purpose in life strictly to work and money valuing actions.
Most of the people that worked with him disliked how he was selfish and full of himself.
In the fourth stanza we are informed that Harry has bought the farm and now is working independently. He chooses to do everything by himself, so he doesn’t have to loose income by employing anybody to do the job for him. There for as a result we are still receiving information that Harry has become more selfish, ruthless and further values money as everything he needs. This poem is and anecdote of what happened to Foulcher as a result of his actions and what he had been born into believing what he was taught by himself working to pay for survival. As Harry “pricks at their tubs of meat with a current charged bar until they panic and take the long unbroken slope into the creaking truck” this portrays that Harry does not care about how much harm it is causing the cows all he does care about is how much money he is going to receive in return. Another technique Foulcher uses

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