Marriage : The Legally Or Formally Recognized Union Of A Man And A Woman

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Marriage: the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman as partners in a relationship. The ceremony of marriage can be conducted at various places and times, signifying the love and devotion that two people hold for one another. Despite beliefs in today’s modern society, marriage is strong institution that binds two people together. It is a special event that not only effects the two spouses but also others around them. Therefore, marriage should be revitalized in society because it strengthens the relationship between partners, creates a better environment for children and it allows partners to become financially stable. Any relationships between two people become strengthened after marriage due to the commitment attached to the institution. The key to rejuvenating relationships comes through commitment and mutual support. As Dennis Prager states in “Five Non-Religious Arguments for Marriage,” the married couple has now “made a commitment to each other as husband and wife in front of almost everyone significant in [their] lives.” (Prager 47) Thus, the obligation has a greater meaning since it has been publically announced. Each partner must fulfill the promises, the ones they made in their vows in front of friends and family. Moreover, the commitment is stated through a legal document which gives the relationship higher importance. The couple is “being legally bound [together] and responsible” (Prager 47) for each other. Regardless of the love and…

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