Marriage Rates And Parenthood Rates For Young Adults Essay example

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Over the last couple of decades, there has been a decline in the marriage rates and parenthood rates for young adults due to many factors. Starting a family can be very stressful to someone who is not prepared to do so, especially when the money is not there. We still see adults getting married at a young age and also having children, but it may not me the greatest idea at this point in their lives. In today’s world young adults face many challenges, it makes sense to get married and have children only when the money, time commitment, and maturity is there. Marriage is supposed to be a lifetime commitment and when one is at an age where they have not figured out what they want to do as a career it probably is not in their best interest to make that marriage commitment. In our world today, it seems to be that many young adults jump to the idea of marriage but do not even realize how harmful it can be to them. When one marries young, they may not be fully mature or financially stable. For example, there is an article in the New York Times where a young man and woman’s marriage ended very quickly due to the couple having different values and the husband not having a job. The wife stated, ' 'It was a real mistake to marry so young. I didn 't really understand we had very different values and backgrounds. My ex-husband was not supportive. He didn 't work and couldn 't share ' ' (Benefield). Another man in the article got a divorce at the age of twenty- three and he…

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