Marketing Strategy Of The 's Secret Essay

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The ad we chose to bust comes from Victoria’s Secret, a company that is known for their marketing strategy of using attractive female models and calling them angels to sell their product. The females they chose to represent their brand are never anything less than tall, skinny, physically fit, able-bodied, young, and flirtatious with big breast and white or at the very least light-skinned. Accompanied by the message of perfect body, this ad communicates the message of what a person is expected to look like. Many people regard these “angels” as the epitome of female beauty and numerous people attempt to live up to their image of perfection. This, in return, may result in incredibly damaging situations for the people who fall victim.
To disrupt the original ad, we chose to change up the model in hopes to provide a shock value for the audience because it is not considered the norm. In order to do this, we chose to pick a regular person with no modelling experience, thus they would not necessarily know how to work and pose their body in a way that would flatter their body or emphasize their assets. The models in the original ad have learned specific ways to show off their curves and give the impress that their behind and chest are bigger than they actually are. These models perform the tricks to give the illusion of having bigger proportions. This is also done in addition to the enhancement that Photoshop provides. By using a person who does not have the same sort of…

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