Essay on Manager Productivity Exam

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1. (30 pts.) For the project you have selected for this class, do the following:

a) Perform an Affinity analysis.

Method Labor Equipment Materials
Follow instructions Efficient Training Calibration Materials to be used
Understand the steps Product recognition The power to be used The structure or properties of the materials
Work plan Process recognition Period of time that will be used
Process to be worked The wellness of the employee

b) Do a Relationship Matrix for the Headers of the Affinity. Method Labor Equipment Materials 1 2 3 4 Output input
Method 1 X    3 0
Labor 2  X   1 2
Equipment 3 X  1 0
Materials 4   X 0 2

We have that there are 3 outputs on the method and 2 inputs
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4. (20 pts.) Read "The House of Quality" article by Hauser and Clausing. How could you apply the QFD technique in your current job? Explain with an example. In my case I had the experience in electronic production; this will produce different types of modules / computers components. When taking into account a product and develop thought, took into account the client, but there was a twist, as the client was the deal with the product and how quickly wore out the product, and the entire development process this.

It worked the products according to product specifications, but these consisted different factors such as product cost vs. Production and this time to leave and get to your bottom line, given that this was assessed customer specifications given each product.

When you reach a point either by the size you wanted a memory module and speed, in this period began the agreements and disagreements between groups, because if you wanted a size, productivity and speed of this report would a pro or against.

Also to work on their speed and size took into account the length of time that can vary even given the treatment of electronic equipment, but it was another detail which led

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