Manager Interview : Manager Of A Company Essays

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Manager Interview As a business major one of my main goals in life is to create a business or being able to one day get an opportunity to run one. Becoming a manager of a company comes with a lot of heavy responsibilities. A manager is a person responsible for controlling or administering all or part of a company or similar organization. A couple of days ago I was able to get the chance to interview Jenna Johnson, who recently created her own business five years ago. She establishes Jenna’s Tax office in Orlando Florida, with help from her twin sister. She serves as the owner and first line manager. Her company has 6 employees including, all in, which she manages. Taking on one of these positions by itself is really time consuming. It shows how much passion and willingness to succeed she has for the business. Some of the responsibilities Ms. Johnson takes on are delivering a full range of tax services in compliance with laws and regulations within timeframe. This is really important because when people are filling for taxes most of the time they are either dealing with two options. Those to two are either receiving money from the IRS or owing the IRS money. All of this needs to get done during a certain time frame because both sides want to know want side of the fence there on. One of the biggest things Ms. Johnson strives for is having the highest level of customer service. Build relationships and interactions with clients to provide excellent planning, consulting and…

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