Manager Interview Group : Manager Interviews Essay

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Reflection Manager Interview Group

Managing in today business environment, takes both skill and discipline. I learned quite a bit from the manager interviews. As a manager, you’re a coach, who makes sure that players know the rules and are prepared to play the game. You’re a conductor, who leads musicians who bring their own talent and training to the effort. And you’re a teacher, who continually shares knowledge with your students (Libby, 2015). I was eager to discover what the other team members had acquired from their manager’s interviews. Would it lead to a new approach to viewing management; are there connections between ideas and theories. This composition evaluates the information construed during colleague’s manager interviews and how they compare and contrast.
Similarities (Goals) Goals, Challenges and Motivating are three areas where the manager responds were parallel. Each manager has goals and objectives for their employee with a set of standards and matrix. Collectively the teams have some type of daily, weekly and monthly goals to maintain. For example, one groups process 20.99 transactions an hour, another group works to increase new account set-up averaging twenty a month while the last team ensures drivers average 2,800 mile weekly. The plan to achieve goals are communicated to the employees via email, progress reports and one on one meetings. Following a standardized formula permits the manager to establish achievable and clear…

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