Manager Interview Final Exam : Manager Essay

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Manager Interview Final Exam Being a manager is not easy, it takes a lot of responsibility, planning, effort, commitment, leadership skills, and communication skills. Interviewing a manager that has been working as a manager for more than at least three years helped me have an idea of what it feels like to be a manager.
While interviewing Holly Riser, a full time manager at a retail store named Rue 21, I learned that being a manager is not just about leading your co-workers; there is a lot more to it. It is important for managers to be good communicators, but it is also important for them to be organized and prepared for any outcomes that could happen in the future. If they do not have an organized plan, it could affect them from reaching their daily goals. Holly has been a manager for a little over eight years and she stated that managers usually have to plan their day-to-day operations and goals, have good costumer services, and lead their Rue team so that they know what to do in their stations. Another big thing they have to focus on is ensuring that their policies and procedures are being followed and enforced. Leading, giving good customer service, organizing and planning are important and those are qualities they should have, but managers have to take care of bigger things in order to keep everything running. Holly mentioned that full time managers have visuals that they need to update which are time consuming, fill out their rue mail to know what their goals are…

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