Lord Byron Essay

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Does a poet's influence in life solely reflect on his or her poetry and later works to come? Many influences in a poet's life are associated to the era that he or she was raised in. In the Romantic Era, Lord Byron applied his influences of different themes and images to his work as they stood out in his life. Lord Byron uses the theme of life and death frequently in many of his poems to show the importance of these themes in the Romantic Era. The meaning of life in Byron's work is based on how he views his own life, and depicts it as light. The theme of life is shown when he writes about the sun and expresses "The bright sun was extinguish'd" (BYRON 107). In this particular poem, he talks about the sun as it reflects life because as the …show more content…
In relation to the theme of nature, Lord Byron also uses the theme of love to tell his life story, as his many lovers and family influenced him. The death of one of his lovers greatly influenced Byron as it caused pain and suffering for him. It is clear that when Byron's love died, he was heartbroken, and it was shown when he wrote "And form so soft, and charms so rare, too soon return'd to Earth!" (BYRON 41). The death of a loved one influenced many romantic poets of Byron's time, so it is said that when his love died, he wrote poems to help with his heartache and hardships. Another kind of love that Byron wrote about, was forbidden love. Forbidden love was the kind of love that in modern times is called incest, and as Byron could not express his true feelings he wrote, "…like me in lineaments; her eyes/Her hair, her features, all, to the very tone/ Even of her voice.. were like to mine" ("MANFRED" 26). In this dramatic poem, he reveals that he loves his half sister, which was the main influence in his life that led him to write this poem. Love was one of the major themes in the Romantic Era; it was considered moral to love someone not related to you. In Byron's case, he was in love with his half sister, which was considered immoral and a preposterous crime in the Romantic Era.

Lord Byron illustrates in numerous poems many themes that have influenced him in his life during the Romantic Era. Even today, some of the most famous poets write about their

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