Legal Issues of a Psychology Essay

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Ethical decision making is required when the healthcare executive must address a conflict or uncertainty regarding competing values, such as personal, organizational, professional and societal values. Those involved in this decision-making process must consider ethical principles including justice, autonomy, beneficence and nonmaleficence as well as professional and organizational ethical standards and codes. Many factors have contributed to the growing concern in healthcare organizations over ethical issues, including issues of access and affordability, pressure to reduce costs, mergers and acquisitions, financial and other resource constraints, and advances in medical technology that complicate decision making near the end of life. …show more content…
ACHE encourages its affiliates, as leaders in their organizations, to take an active role in the development and demonstration of ethical decision making.
To this end, healthcare executives should: * Create a culture that fosters ethical clinical and administrative practices and ethical decision making. * Communicate the organization’s commitment to ethical decision making through its mission or value statements and its organizational code of ethics. * Demonstrate through their professional behavior the importance of ethics to the organization. * Offer educational programs to boards, staff, physicians and others on their organization’s ethical standards of practice and on the more global issues of ethical decision making in today’s healthcare environment. Further, healthcare executives should promote learning opportunities, such as those provided through professional societies or academic organizations, that will facilitate open discussion of ethical issues. * Develop and use organizational mechanisms that reflect their organizations’ mission and values and are flexible enough to deal with the spectrum of ethical concerns—clinical, organizational, business and management. * Ensure that organizational mechanisms to address ethics issues are readily available and include individuals who are competent to address

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