Leadership Is Never Just One Way Essay

834 Words Jan 12th, 2016 4 Pages
Leadership is never just one way, it changes is every aspect. One day it can be following and learning while still providing direction. Others days it may be doing nothing more than over whelming subordinates and watching them learn. Strong leaders have the ability to cause the change or be the one getting changed themselves. This is best described by walking up and down a staircase. You can have a slow and steady climb and only deal with one task at a time. Being very boring. Or you can climb quickly taking large risks constantly running up and down steps. While this takes extreme patience it also instills a morale that can never be shaken.

“Quitting is contagious. It reflects on the soldier and weak leader who allowed him to quit.” Ref. 1 As resilience is more commonly forced into our conversations and becomes more important to our vocabulary. We have begun to see how our teams are forming. We have our hot shots and our weak links. Every person has these in different areas and facets of their lives. We as a culture tend to show levels of disrespect towards the weak links. As time plays on we notice they still have something to bring to the table that was so easily overlooked before. Because they were not the top dog at a different time. The team follows everyone eventually over time as these situations progress. This is why it is important to never burn a bridge with another person. All teams will shine when there is more than one leader.


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