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Lavinia Lloyd Dock is a nurse leader that had a huge influence on the profession of nursing. Her actions throughout her life categorize her as a nurse leader, suffragist, and social reformist. She found herself becoming a nurse when she recognized her passion of caring for the suffering. One of her goals was to improve global health. Lavinia accomplished much in her lifetime for females and the nursing community. She can be considered a great pioneer in the evolution of nursing.

Background Lavinia Lloyd Dock is known to many as a nurse leader, suffragist, and social reformer. As a leader, she was the first to document the history of nursing and has written books which are referenced and practiced in the healthcare
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Henry Street Settlement In 1896, she moved to the east side of New York to join forces with Lillian Wald. Here Lillian had a feminist community known as 265 Henry Street. Lillian and “Dockie” recognized their mutual desire to want to help the suffering which formed their long term close relationship. Here is where Lavinia would end up living for the next twenty years. Her compassion for others took her into the direction for caring for the sick and poor at 265 Henry Street. It formed her strong sympathy for oppressed classes. This is what Lavinia ultimately enjoyed doing and she had much experience in the field. Working as a settlement nurse opened up new opportunities to learn more about healthcare. In her compassionate quest, she initiated preventive care, health education, and school nursing projects to educate the masses (James, 1985). She stated, “I never began to think until I went to Henry Street and lived with Miss Wald.” This established the nurses of Henry Street Settlement the primary authorities on immigrant health and public health reform in New York City (Sklar, 2000). In 1899, she visited the International Council of Women to meet with Ethel Gordon Fenwick in London. Ethel was the leader of British nurses and the two ended up collaborating to found the International Council of Nurses. Of course, Dock would step forth and become secretary of the Council, uniting nurses around the world aiming to improve

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