Essay on Land Rover North America, Inc.

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Statement of the Problems

Taking into account the role of Discovery vis-а-vis other models in the Land Rover line, the brand's strengths and weaknesses versus formidable U.S. competitors, and potential differences in target audience perceptions of brand and category equity in the United States versus the United Kingdom, which of the three following positioning options should be introduced for the new $30,000 Land Rover Discovery:

 The Definitive Family 4X4
 The Evolved Land Rover or
 The More Affordable Range Rover

How should Land Rover North America, Inc. (LRNA) allocate its marketing funds across LRNA brands?
What should the elements of the marketing
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Data suggested that the 4X4 leisure sector was comprised of the following two user segments:

The first segment is a group of conservative buyers, primarily families, who were more interested in vehicles that were smart and functional than those that made image statements. Also included in this segment were older traditionalists who turned to SUVs as stylish alternatives to traditional luxury cars.
The second segment is a group of young, affluent, childless adults who sought products that made visible statements about their owners' images and accomplishments. They wanted vehicles that were unique and different setting them apart from the masses and viewed the 4WD as an exciting product option even though most never actually got off the road to use it.
Research suggested that consumers of the 1990s were no longer driven by status concerns or the collection of possessions as symbols of wealth and prestige, but wanted "experiences", both real and fantastical, which were offered by 4WD vehicles.
The growth of SUV vehicles was also spurred by consumers' perception of being more safe to drive and more luxurious than other vehicle alternatives.
According to the 1994 Maritz Truck Study, the most important reasons for selecting a SUV among all SUV buyers included four-wheel drive availability at 15 percent,

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