Essay on Kot Task 1

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Task 1

Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership

October 5th, 2012

Leadership Strategies Two strategies that enable a nurse on an interdisciplinary team to exert leadership without occupying a formal leadership position are to be a role model and to be an advocate/problem solver. The nurse can be a role model for the interdisciplinary team by showing respect for other team members, having effective communication skills and to accept others input in a fair and unbiased fashion. Often there can be tension among team members and a nurse can lead the team away from negative comments by redirecting the conversation to stay on task at hand. The nurse can explain that every person of the interdisciplinary team
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Often there is a team member that thinks they are above everyone else and if the nurse shows mutual respect for all members then others may do the same. Commitment is another tool a nurse can use to be actively involved, a commitment to the organization is important to accomplish common goals that are positive for all team members. The nurse needs to be committed to the staff to bring forth the problems they are encountering or the changes they would like to happen and to take that information back to the interdisciplinary team and vice versa, to be able to take the IDT information back to the staff.
Culture of Safety To create a culture of safety in a healthcare setting there are four characteristics that need to be employed, according to The Institute for Healthcare Improvement which are psychological safety, active leadership, transparency, and fairness. With psychological safety nurses and health care staff need to know that others will not think less of them if they make a mistake, or ask for help. It is imperative to be a good leader to teach and educate staff if they need help and to take a mistake made as a learning experience to see what could have been done differently for a different outcome. Active leadership is the sharing of information, inviting team members to express concerns and for the leader to be approachable. Staff must trust a floor leader to be able to come to

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