Kenya: a Developing Country Essay

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Kenya: A Developing Country

With the discovery of certain human fossils, some being over 3 million years old, many paleontologists believe that Kenya was the “cradle of humanity.” Currently, Kenya’s population is comprised of over 97 percent of people of African descent with nearly 40 ethnic groups. Lying on the equator between Ethiopia, Sudan, and Uganda, Kenya is located on the eastern coast of Africa. Kenya is one of the most famous safari destinations in Africa, attracting people from all over. Its rich culture and beautiful environments make it one of the most favored places to visit in the world. In the first section of this paper I will discuss the historical background of Kenya, including its early economical success in
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(7, Gatheru) It wasn’t until the 1992, when multiple parties were allowed to run in the election that year that Kenya started leaning toward more of a Democracy. Although multiple parties were allowed to run, the government retained the right to dismiss any party that seemed to threaten the electoral success of the KANU party. With very little competition, KANU continued to be the dominant party. A true Democracy wouldn’t be seen until the 2002 elections when Mwai Kibaki beat out KANU candidate Uhuru Kenyatta, ending 24 years of rule under KANU. Kibaki’s National Rainbow Coalition won 132 parliamentary seats, compared to KANU’s 68 seats. As of late 2007, a new coalition of political parties was created called the Party of National Unity. Some of the parties included are the Ford-People, the Democratic Party, the Shirikisho, and Kenyan African National Union. It is a coalition of parties that have grouped together to become one stronger Democratic Party. The current Kenyan President, Mwai Kibaki, announced that he would be representing the new formation just before the election in 2007. Poor preparation of the new party and its members was clearly seen in the parliamentary election when the PNU only won 43 seats against its rival the Orange Democratic Movement party’s 99 seats. The Orange Democratic Movement is currently the leading opposition party in Kenya. Originally, the ODM

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