Job Satisfaction Among Business Education Students Essay

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1.1 Background of the Study For the last few decades job satisfaction has been one of the most popular interests among scientists, researchers and practitioners. According to Spector job satisfaction is the most frequently studied variable in organization research. Job satisfaction was proved too be an important construct in emotional and psychological employees’ well being. It is a significant element related to good organizational functioning as well. Although, the phenomenon of job satisfaction has been broadly researched, still there are several problematic areas. First of all, the concept of job satisfaction has been described in various ways by a number of researchers. Lawler states that “overall job
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Some others refer to the facet approach (JDI) or may examine both: global job satisfaction as well as its dimension. The variety of the instrument provides researchers’ with several options to choose the one that best fits characteristics of the sample and needs of the research on one hand. On the other hand, it makes research results incomparable and, if chosen careless, the instrument may not reflect what researchers are seeking for. The third problematic area may be supported by Spector’s statement. He argues that sometimes instruments and their scales do not stand for the sample we want to research. He says that many times job satisfaction instruments are general, that is, they are developed based on typical organizations, such as white collar, business organizations, those instruments may not be always applicable for the specific samples there are also some instruments developed based on specific organizational sector.

Teachers’ were often considered as a specific sample of employees, who have different operating conditions and experience higher levels of work related stress in comparison with typical organizations’ employees (Klassen et’ al 2010), unlike typical organizations’ employees business teachers have many various responsibilities. They are expected to educate students. ensure their safety and healthy atmosphere, communicate and collaborate with parents, other teachers, specialists and

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