Japan 's Economic Growth Of Japan Essay

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The economy of Japan grew rapidly in 1972 until 1989. It was known as the Japanese asset price bubble or Bubble Economy, which was represented high economic dominance of Japan. During the Bubble Economy, Japan was considered as rising force in the world of economy. Japan’s economic power was growing high to the point the whole world was paying attention to economy movement of Japan. However, it all went downhill in 1989, when the economic bubble disappeared. Then Japan entered whole era in 1989 and it is also known as Lost Decades. There was significant change between from 1972 to 1989 in Japan. Basically Japan was dominant force until 1989, and then Japan entered the era of uncertainty. Japan’s view about their nation changed due to economic failure. Japan’s economic growth was started from the Korean War that started in 1950. Also, Japan was occupied by America during the Korean War. Then America decided to use Japan as supply depot for war. Although, America didn’t want to mobilize Japan because they believed that mobilization will grant military power to Japan like in World War II. Then America was focusing on agricultural in Japan in order to prevent industrialization. However, America didn’t have a choice, so they used Japan to supply the Korean War by building factories in Japan. Andrew Gordon who studied Japanese history and wrote a book called, “A Modern History of Japan.” Gordon explained transformation of Japan in social way and economic way. Gordon also…

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