Essay Isolation: Short Story and Mrs. Mallard

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Isolation and loneliness
In the following short stories Eveline written by James Joyce, The Story of An Hour written by Kate Chopin, and A Rose For Emily written by William Faulkner we find that isolation is a popular theme throughout the stories. There are several factors in each one of the stories that makes us feel the isolation that each one of the women in the stated stories felt. Weather it is Eveline feeling stuck at home due to a request for her to tend to her family and resume the place of her deceased mother. Or Mrs. Mallard with her feeling that “it was only yesterday that she felt that life might be too long” (228). Along with Miss. Emily who seemed isolate her self form the word by closing her door for good. In the three
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Emily as a recluse. Right away we feel the loneliness and isolation that Miss. Emily feels. She keeps her door closed, and remains to herself for years. People around town wondered about Miss. Emily after her fathers death and more so after her companion left her. “She went out very little after her sweetheart went away” (316). Miss. Emily seemed to have been suffering from deep depression. That was hard for her to over come. She did not want to be alone. She wanted to be loved and to have a companion. Miss. Emily wanted a companion so badly that she poisoned her sweetheart and placed him upon a bed in a room with all his belongings. The neighbors reported foul smells coming from Miss. Emily’s home. There was nothing the city officials could do but sneak around at night and throw lime around her home. The officials knew that Miss. Emily would never let them in. She had closed her self off to the outside world. When Miss. Emily died we learned about the poisoning of her sweetheart. We also were left to assume that lie with his decaying corps nightly. That proves that she was lonely. She wanted the companionship and would go to any length to have it. The three of the storied that we read are very different but similar in theme. We often wonder if Eveline ever left her father to find happiness and to erase the feeling of happiness. Did Eveline stand at the rail and ever get the feeling of freedom as Mrs. Mallard did while

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