Essay on Islam

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Islam’s five Pillars of Faith
March 4, 2012
Jim Strader

With the religion of Islam they are fully into the teaching and God’s guidance. A Muslim is a follower of the Islam faith. Being a Muslim is to follow the teachings of God and using his guidance to the best of your ability. The beliefs of an Islam are going to be peace with everyone, purity to say as pure as possible, acceptance of what you can’t and sometimes can change, and commitment when they make a commitment they are expected to keep it. The Five Pillars are as follows, the first one is called Shahadah it also means faith. This to make know that the only purpose for their lives is to serve and obey God. They do this through the teaching of the last
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To be able to go in the city of Mecca you must be Muslim there is no exceptions.
Some of the ways that I relate to the Five Pillars of Faith could be just about everything but I would have to use God only to pray to not Muhammad. I would only pray to God no one else. I understand that they need to pray several times a day. But to me I would want to pay the way I talk. I do not believe there is a right way to pray or wrong ways to pray you are talking to God. Just be respectful.
I am not so sure I could do the fasting with the food all day. I have never had to go without eating or drinking all day. I could give up something else that means a lot to me. I understand why they do it but I am not so sure I could. I would have to give up drinking coffee all day or not drinking soda for a few days. I think that the easiest one for me to do would be the third pillar (Zakat). I find it pretty easy to give to someone that needs it. It makes me feel good that I am able to do that.
All an all Muslims are not too different from Christians. Other than whom they pray to. We all want to be good and do our

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