Is Alex Barron Holds The Record For The Most Balls Juggled At Twenty?

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JWired to Overachieve
Alex Barron holds the record for the most balls juggled at thirteen. If a twenty-two year-old man can only juggle thirteen balls, how is a seventeen year-old girl, like myself, supposed to juggle even more ball (also known as activities) at one time? Today, teens are extremely overbooked and do not have time to focus on the important pieces in their lives. They spend an absurd amount of time studying for tests or out on the court do not have time to focus on family and friends. Teens miss out on fun activities because they are overbooked. The pressure is on to be the most intelligent, most athletic, and most diverse. My pressures include basketball, school, and family commitments, due to these commitments I have to miss out on several high school social events. Throughout my life I have been consistently told to work hard at whatever I do. As a young child, I started playing the game of basketball and instantly fell in love with it. Deeply engrained in my personal DNA lies a gene that motivates me to try to be the best at anything and everything. This is how I approached basketball. I played on multiple teams, practiced with boys, worked on my ball handling and shooting countless hours a day. This led to me improving, but with improvement came opportunities to join more competitive teams with longer practices, in far away places, playing in tournaments almost every weekend, and then traveling across the country to tournaments. Since I…

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