Into The Air Is A Film About Ryan Bingham Essay

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Up in the Air is a film about Ryan Bingham, a man who faces many personal and relationship challenges. Ryan is a businessman that travels around the country firing people from their current jobs, therefore he spends majority of his time flying. He travels from hotel room to hotel room. This makes it hard for Ryan to develop any type of personal life. Although, he likes being on the go and living out of just a little suitcase, he takes pride in what he does. Throughout the film, Ryan struggles with change and a realization deep within his personal development. He goes from being a rock hard unemotional man to a man who can feel again. He changes by facing certain challenges, such as his intern in who challenges his thinking. The new intern tests him to try new technology and he finally develops a love interest after being alone for so long. Although, Ryan grows from his hardheaded intern and discovers that his love interest, Alex, is really married with a family and she uses Ryan as a getaway. Ryan is accustom to using other women as his getaway, but now that it is happening to him it’s harder for him to internalize. His attachment style of being dismissive makes it so that it is hard for him to feel and discover feelings like other people do. I’ll discuss the major concepts that Ryan faces, such as the 4 attachment styles, and the triangular theory of love.
Due to the fact that Ryan spends most of his time alone, he would be classified as a dismissive attachment style. An…

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