Essay on Interview With Bsn Nurse Manager

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“Watson Carative factors specify the meaning of the relationship of nurse and patient as human beings” (Chitty & Black, 2007, p.335). She is genuinely caring and honest about her patient’s health prognosis. Ms. Sharon believes in being honest with your patient about areas of concerns with their health because in the end, this will build an honest, open, and trusting relationship. The need for building trust with your patient will help with gaining a rapport, which will allow your patient to be more honest about their response to their diagnosis.
Interview with BSN Nurse Manager Nurse Managers have an important role in health care delivery system. They are responsible for managing the staff nurses, overseeing patient care and making sure quality care is delivered at lowest possible cost. “The effective management of nursing resources is essential” (Chitty & Black, 2007, p.363). There are budgets established by the companies, as a nurse manager you have to ensure the department has all available nursing resources and remains within the budget limit. I chose to interview Nurse Justin, BSN Manager.
Role in Healthcare System “The broadening of the span of control has changed the nurse manager 's role from planning, organizing, controlling, and motivating to setting goals, creating a vision, empowering staff, managing change, and building a team” (Counsell, Gilbert, & McCain, 2001, p. 54). Nurse Justin sets achievable goals for his unit related to reduction of…

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