International Business Communication Essay

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Part I
My fast-food franchise has been cleared start a business in United Arab Emirates, Israel, Mexico, and China. I will now begin the construction of my restaurants. The financing of my business will come from the United Arab Emirates, the materials will come from China and Mexico, the technology and engineering will come from Israel, and the labor in the restaurants will consist of hiring employees within the countries that the business is in. My management team from the United States will be in charge of hiring employees for the restaurants. There will be a big meeting at the headquarters located in the United States to provide and explain the project and to help everyone become acquainted with one another. While attending the
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The social system consist of children who gets great care, physical contact, and affection and raised to be very respectful of their elders and parents and higher education is viewed by the government as a major instrument for development. Israel economy is based on the socialist model, where the people vote during an election. Israel is a parliamentary democracy that has six administrative districts (Countries and Their Cultures, 2013). They have advanced technology and high-tech firms. They have twelve political parties that are represented in the Knesset. The babies in their country are very adored and extended family is important when raising a baby. Education is mandatory from the ages of five to fifteen and has seven universities, with high standards and they have to pass a national exam to be admitted (Countries and Their Cultures, 2013). The economy in Mexico is free market with a combination of traditional and modern agriculture and industry and dominated by the private sector (Countries and Their Cultures, 2013). They have a federal republic and operate under a centralized government. The powers of the government are at a federal level and divided between legislative, executive, and judicial branches. Their education is considered to be a road to socioeconomic well-being and progress with many several public universities (Countries and Their Cultures, 2013). The economic conditions in China and applies to growth rather than retaining economic

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