Inequalities as Portrayed in the Media: a Gender Analysis Essay

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Inequalities as Portrayed in the Media: A Gender Analysis
Media plays a big role in conventional Canadian society. It is becoming more and more influential and a bigger part of everyone’s daily lives. Since the invention and spread of the use of the printing press in the mid fifteen-hundreds, societies have been able to produce mass quantities of information available to the general public. Books were printed and made available to a large audience, replacing word of mouth communication about a society’s existence. Since then, various other forms of mass media have been created; including, radio networks, television programs, mass produced magazines, music and advertising. These are all examples of media that Canadians are exposed to
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After that, he takes the song even further when he states that he wishes to unbutton his partner’s pants. The chorus proceeds as follows: “I can show you how I live in a little bit, I wanna unbutton your pants in a little bit, take ‘em off pull them down just a little bit, get to kissin’ and touchin’ in a little bit” (50 Cent 2006). In this song, it can be argued that gender inequalities exist, as women are portrayed as having value sexually, and men are to be the dominant, go-getters of the two sexes. In my opinion, people listening to songs of this genre will be influenced by the lyrics and therefore begin to associate the gender roles outlined by 50-Cent in their daily lives with male and female sexes. Women are than viewed as sexual objects, while there is pressure on men to be the dominant, forceful sex.
Switching the sex of the singer, and looking at an extremely current example, I will now analyze Britney Spear’s song ‘Gimme More’. The song is currently number one on the top-hits chart for pop music, again reaching and influencing younger listeners. The song is also about being in a club on the dance floor, but from a different perspective. Britney (2007) begins the song with singing “we can get down like there’s no one around”, implying that the song is about a couple. She later goes on to say that it “feels like the crowd is saying: gimme gimme more,

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