Essay about Industrial Relations

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This project is submitted in response to the case study of module 08 in Professional Qualification in Human Resources Management.

I am extremely grateful to all people, too numerous to mention, who have contributed to this case study.

The Management Process ,analyzation of a case in an organization, how to give an solution to the problems based on the theory and techniques which I have included in this case study are the most valuable ideas I have gained from my lecturers at IPM and various HRM Professionals. I would like to acknowledge the help of everyone who sacrificed their valuable time for various research programmes and those who have kindly helped me to develop this project.

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Throughout, they have not done proper human resource planning. The company has terminated the services of many of its employees as disciplinary action. The company did not have good industrial relations. The way they dealt with the trade union was not appropriate. They did not look at a win-win situation when they entered into a collective agreement with the trade union.

4.0 Reasons for poor industrial relations

▪ Hardened attitudes from poor pre-existing relationships;

▪ Parties avoiding meaningful bargaining by refusing to discuss.Employing an overly-aggressive or formalistic style of negotiation;

▪ Disrespectful and even outrageous behaviour by negotiators;

▪ Unrealistic expectations;

▪ Incomplete information on issues being bargained;

▪ Leadership issues.

▪ Poor communications skills;

▪ Workers and management not seeing issues in the same manner .

▪ Lack of trust or credibility;

▪ Real decision-makers not being at the table, particularly in large multi-national corporations;

▪ Changes ofnwork place and new workplace procedures (e.g. over discipline) without meaningful discussion;

The main aspects of Industrial Relations are:

i. Labor Relations, i.e. relations between union and management. ii. Employer-employees relations, i.e. relations between management and employees. iii. Group relations,

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