Imperial Tobaco Group Report on Essay

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This report is a marketing plan for the next three (3) years for Imperial Tobacco Group Public Limited Company. Imperial Tobacco is a multinational company specializing in tobacco and tobacco related products (mainly cigarettes, cigars and rolling paper) with the host company being located in the United Kingdom.

A marketing plan is a ‘written document that summarizes what the marketer has learned about the marketplace, indicates how the firm plans to reach its marketing objectives, and helps direct and coordinate the marketing effort.' Kotler et. al. (2006) The marketing plan for Imperial Tobacco will include an overview of the company (strategy, values, financial situation, market share and management
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Shared technology and expertise have resulted in reduced cost of production. Imperial Tobacco continues research in new technology in order to continue to reduce costs of production. It has also improved operating standards to meet ISO specifications.

3.5 Legal
There are increased legislations on smoking bans in public places in certain countries and partial bans on others. Another legal aspect affecting this company is the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). This framework includes bans on smoking in public places; that pictorial health warnings be included packages of tobacco products; and that there are no advertising of tobacco products.

3.6 Environmental
On a global scale climate changes may have implications on the Group. Sensitivity to climate change in the tobacco growing regions could affect the growing and harvesting of crops, thereby potentially affecting yields. Other issues of population increase are also a factor that could influence the Group. This could be viewed as an opportunity for new markets for acquiring labour.


Sector trends indicate that consumers are seeking value in brands and products. This trend was observed in the UK as consumers sought lower prices for branded cigarettes. The imposing of bans are causing the sales of tobacco and tobacco related

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