Identity vs. Role Confusion Essay

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In today’s Western society, self-identity and social roles are important dimensions that are at times challenging to face. Social roles have always been a fundamental part of society and yet as time goes on, it seems to be increasingly difficult to understand. As discussed in class, in the medieval period, people were assigned roles based on family status. In modern days, however, societal roles have expanded and opportunities are endless, which raises the question: Is there more uncertainty about identity in modern society? In entering adolescence, people heavily contemplate their ego identity. In the early 1900s, theorist Erik Erikson believed in eight stages of ego development from birth to death. For the purpose of this paper I have …show more content…
When frustrations run high, I find myself using dance as a catharsis to rid myself of negative thoughts. This drawing is meant to represent me and others who find themselves facing the same struggles of identity confusion. Through this drawing, I was aiming to illustrate an important stage that young adults must confront. The majority of the words in the ribbon are roles that define me in the present, whereas a few words will apply in the future. The present roles I am partaking in are: woman, daughter, sister, friend, lover, coworker, leader, class member, role model, member of my community, dancer, artist, and problem solver. Whereas the words: wife, provider, cook, nurturer, and achiever will pertain in later years. Instead of having the ribbon enclose the dancer (which would represent problematic role confusion), the ribbon is purposefully set as a backdrop to which she creates a harmonious relationship between herself and her opportunities.
An additional attempt at symbolism presents itself with the ring that serves two purposes. The ring acts as a border to the drawing but ultimately it represents the idea that later in life, people form an ego identity by arriving at a sense of sameness and continuity.
In comparing opportunities from the past to the present, there is no doubt that identity crises are more frequent in modern culture. In general, society strives to open doors to young adults to aid on their

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