I Never Considered How Much Effort Is Put Into Creating A College Curriculum

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Before taking this class, I never considered how much effort is put into creating a college curriculum and how different axiologies can shift how a class incorporates writing into a course. While discussing his writing pedagogy and how he develops a course curriculum, Professor John Whittier-Ferguson insights as to how curriculums are developed in actual collegiate environments. Despite having taken one of his previous courses, Whittier-Ferguson illuminated many aspects of his pedagogy that both connected to and created tension with our own class content.
Professor Whittier-Ferguson’s classes focus on his area of study—Twentieth Century American and British literature with an emphasis on the modernists. While his classes are largely centered on textual analysis, his classes also include writing pedagogy and development. In order to incorporate writing into his upper-level literature courses, Whittier-Ferguson assigns three essays per semester and allows revisions on the first two essays. Whittier-Ferguson constructs his classes in such a manner to encourage revising and to provide guidance and assistance in the revision process. According to Whittier-Ferguson, revision is a crucial component of the writing process because it not only improves the writing itself, but it also allows the student to continue thinking through the topic of their essay. Additionally, Whittier-Ferguson allows anyone to revise their essay as long as they meet with him or a Graduate Student…

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