I Am Not Finished Becoming The Individual That I Will One Day

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I am not finished becoming the individual that I will one day be. In this past year, my personal character has developed exponentially and particular traits and strengths of my character have become evident. My first year of college taught me more about myself than the entirety of my youth had previously taught me. It taught me that given any task or challenge, if I put my mind to it and commit myself, I possess the work-ethic and persistence to perform whatever it takes to accomplish the task and the creativity to find new and unique methods of success. A specific example which exemplifies these strengths of my character comes from my body of work in a macroeconomics class that I took in my freshman year at the University of Minnesota.
Prior to taking macroeconomics, I had not had much difficulty with any class as a student. I also had breezed through microeconomics in the fall semester so I was not worried in the slightest about my success in the course before the first midterm. After the exam I knew I was in a lot of trouble, I did not need to see my score to know that I bombed the test. I received a 60% on the midterm and immediately changed my mindset and approach to the class.
There were multiple aspects of the course that made it difficult for me personally. As a freshman, I did not have priority when it came to picking classes and I ended up stuck with the once a week econ class from 5:30pm to 8:50pm every Thursday. Extreme amounts of information were given in those…

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