Huffman Trucking: Desktop Management & Erp Considerations Essay

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Running head: Huffman Trucking: Desktop Management / ERP

Huffman Trucking: Desktop Management & ERP Considerations

William Dumire
Sheryl Carter
Tracy Hunter
Jeremy Whitson
James Welty

University of Phoenix
BSA / 405 – End-User Business Applications

September 15, 2008

Huffman Trucking: Desktop Management & ERP Considerations


In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, organizations must learn to improve efficiency and take advantage of all available resources. Huffman Trucking understands this concept and has requested that their information technology infrastructure be evaluated to identify any deficiencies and maximize operational efficiencies accordingly.
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With a comprehensive understanding of the skills and availability of their staff, Huffman can strategically hire, deploy, and develop resources that match the needs of their project request in implementing a desktop and ERP application.

Project Organizational Culture Constraints

Huffman Trucking’s organizational culture is a very important element influencing the selection, sponsorship, prioritization and ultimate success of their ERP solution project (CNET Networks Inc. 2008). The level of communication and interaction between project team members will also be reflected by the organizational culture. If the organizational culture of Huffman is to promote cooperation between team members and to provide opportunities for them to participate in decision making via tools such as brainstorming, there will be a high level of interaction between team members resulting in better coordination, productivity, morale, efficiency and generation of good ideas in the project related tasks.
A Culture Analysis can determine the relative effectiveness of Huffman Trucking’s innovations to optimize their organizational performance. The results will enable the organization to identify and implement effective culture-based innovations that improve the company’s performance and enhance their project management efforts. The correct identification of project constraints, the

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