Hrm Labor Relations Paper

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Being an HR manager in any company requires a lot of carefulness and tact. The HR manager is responsible for hearing out the employees and making sure that the work environment is conducive for them. There are always problem to foresee. For example, when there is talk of unionizing and the HR manager hears about this, something has to be done immediately. This is the case with these four companies. Acme Auto Parts, The Zinnia, School District 273 and Woodville Healthcare are all relatively small companies that seem to be compensating their employees properly. However, there have been talks about unionizing. There are even petitions being signed. As an HR manager, these matters need to be handled appropriately and carefully.
Acme Auto
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The employees also need to be aware of the pros and cons in belonging to a union. Since Acme Auto Parts is a small nonunion company, most of employees do not know about the facts of union organizing. I will inform them of the union dues and all the requirements.
Since this involves the whole company, the upper management needs to be informed about this situation. First of all, I will make sure that the supervisors are treating the employees well. This is important because the employees should have nothing to complain about, especially when it comes to management. This could be the driving force for them to join the union. The supervisors and management need to notify HR if they have heard any questions or concerns. These need to be addressed right away. Second, I would present to the management the list of NLRA rules. They need to be aware of this. In case an election takes place and the union is not voted for, there will be no appeal. Finally, I would tell them to look at any requests of raises, benefits, etc. I would advise them to find a way, if possible, to implement some of these requests. This will show the employees that the management is concerned about their requests. If this approach does not work, I would suggest a more aggressive approach. Although if that could be avoided, then much better. It might just cause more problems

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