Hp's Organizational Culture Analysis Essay

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Organization: Hewlett – Packard (HP)

Organization Culture: The organization culture of Hewlett-Packard is also known as “The H-P Way”. Within the context of “The H-P Way”, the employees of the organization together with the management are expected to follow a saying “Don’t Be Evil”. The H-P Way is supposedly to be honest in all its operations and in all of the information coming out from the business organization. But, one cannot remove the fact that not all information are going out and being spread out to the whole world. It is for those with the information power to keep a secret what they know and for the whole world to find out. This is what happened to Hewlett-Packard (HP) that caused a catastrophe in the whole world. It was
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• The betterment of our society is not a job to be left to a few; it is the responsibility to be shared by all.
This objective is essential to delivering on the brand promise.

Business Ethics:
At HP we are guided by enduring values that stretch back to our roots — values that reflect basic, fundamental ideas about who we are.

Ideas like these:
• there is no substitute for personal and professional integrity;
• doing well and doing good can go hand in hand; and
• trust and respect have always been the cornerstones of our success.

The open doors to our offices reflect the ethical, transparent business practices at every level of the company. They also help foster the open communication that fuels our creativity and camaraderie. We strive to be a company that manages by inspiration, not fear; by sharing information, not guarding it; by empowering people to make decisions; and by unleashing people's talents for the common good.

We are committed to uncompromising integrity.

As a business we must remain profitable to remain viable. But profitable operations are not our only concern. At HP we seek uncompromising integrity through what each individual can contribute — to our customers, our co-workers, our company and our communities.

Our business success is dependent on trusting relationships. Our reputation is founded on the personal integrity of the company's personnel and

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