How Music Effects Mood and Perception in Motion Pictures Essay example

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Music is a fundamental necessity in the world that we live in today. We all implement music in our everyday lives whether it's professionally or solely for entertainment purposes. Some people build careers on music as musicians, composers, singers, or teachers while the latter of us just need music to get through the day whether we're driving or at work or just need to relax. The need for music in our contemporary society affects us in a myriad of different ways--including the undeniable effect on our moods. The sound of just one note, one chord, can send an instantaneous message to the brain that, psychologically, can make us think or act in a certain way. These reactions can positively or negatively our moods depending on the …show more content…
This technique is seen in all of the Star Wars sagas. Each character is designated with its own musical theme to alter the audience's perceptions of the characters. For example, Darth Vader clearly has his own musical theme that is easy to designate. Its commanding, superior, and even a bit frightening--just like the character himself. The character Luke Skywalker also has his own musical theme that sounds hopeful, determined, and inspiring--the epitome of Luke Skywalker. Music is such a powerful tool that directors can implement to define their characters. Instead of having more narrative and dialogue to represent and symbolize their characters, directors ingeniously let the great work of composers do it for them. In addition to representing a character, music can convey messages to where in the frame the audience should focus their attention. Research has shown that music that is assigned a "positive" or "negative" connotation that "significantly biased viewers' interpretation and subsequent remembering of a film in a congruent fashion" (Boltz, 427). When music is combined with an ambiguous scene, memories of objects in a visual

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