Hospitality Law on Privacy and Protection of Guests Essay

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HF250 A2
Jared Ko

• You should have an explanation of the duty of care that is owed by a hotel to a guest and to give some examples and some references to some cases with different fact patterns.
-Hospitality organizations have a duty of “reasonable care” to protect guests, which depend on the facts and circumstances. If a hotel elevator fell and injured a guest, the hotel would be liable for his or her injuries since it can be seen that the hotel was negligent since the hotel could have performed better maintenance on their elevators to prevent such incidents from happening. Hotels have the duty to have secure room doors that cannot be accessed to bystanders and to have security cameras in public areas such as lobbies or in
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However, if a hotel is permitted warrantless search of a guest’s hotel room when their period of stay expires and they do not leave their room or do not pay their bill. Hotel employees such as desk clerks are also not allowed to give out guest room numbers to callers and are permitted from announcing guest room numbers to bystanders.

• I would expect that the paper will be 5-8 pages in length and will include references to specific cases.

-Hanson v. Hyatt Corporation
There are certain cases, however, where a hotel is not entitled to a duty of care towards a person. This type of person must be someone who is not affiliated with the hotel in any way. In the Hanson v. Hyatt Corporation case, the plaintiff David Hanson was injured from diving into the hotel swimming pool and tried to sue the Hyatt Corporation for negligence on operating a swimming pool by not having adequate safety equipment and water depth marks. However, the fact Hanson snuck into the pool area through a hole in a fence when the lights were out and the fact that he was not affiliated with the hotel in any way and did not receive any invitation to the hotel’s property rendered him a trespasser and not a guest hence causing the court dismissed his complaint because the hotel does not

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