Essay on Hollywood vs History

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History vs. Hollywood
The Patriot The Revolutionary war, sparked by the colonist's anger towards taxation without representation, was a conflict between the United States and its mother country Great Britain. This event had been considered the most significant event in the American history. It separated the thirteen colonies from the tyrannical ruling of King George. The revolutionary war was not a big war, "The military conflict was, by the standards of later wars, a relatively modest one. Battle deaths on the American side totaled fewer than 5,000"1. However, the war proved that the thirteen colonies were capable of defeating the powerful Great Britain. Over the years there were many Hollywood films made based on the revolutionary
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The movie makers did try to make The Patriot a little historical. The movie is about the swamp fox, perhaps the movie makers wanted to make the movie more dramatic and to avoid controversies; they changed most of the names. The Frenchman Major Jean Villeneuve was actually Marquis De Lafayette, Marquis De Lafayette along with Baron von Stueben helped train the continental army.1 Horatio Gates, Nathaniel Greene and George Washington had their two second fame in the movie. There were mainly two stereotypes in The Patriot. One of the stereotypes was about women during the revolutionary war. In the movie, women played a secondary role, watching the kids and do chorus. Actually, women were quite involved in the war, served as messengers, manufactures, head of the household and camp followers.1 Some women even joined the army and fought against the British army.4 Another stereotype was about the British army, when a British solider enters a scene, he is always portrayed as a cold hearted bad guy. The patriot is packed with famous actors and actresses also famous directors and writers, and it is also packed with inaccurate facts. The Patriot should be banned from school because it is so inaccurate. But do we pay money to go see boring two hour education film? Why spend money to watch boring educational films with our

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