History of Football Essay

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HISTORY OF FOOTBALL The history of football is interesting as well as exciting, from the first forms of the game ever played, to the multi million dollar organizations of today. The game continues to evolve and change with the times. Football is a sport that evolved from many different games. Football is mainly known as a different form of rugby or soccer, but there is more to the origin of the game than just those two sports. Football games were played around the world before the game was actually called football. " Football is believed to have descended from a Greek game called Harpaston " (Source C). The rules in Harpaston were not very strict. Running, kicking, or passing the ball across the goal line could earn points. " It …show more content…
Thorpe, an Indian born in Oklahoma, would become a great college player, as well as a great professional player. "Jim Thorpe signed his first professional contract with the Canton Bulldogs at a price of two hundred fifty a game" (Source H). Although he is considered one of the great players it is believed that Jim did not play his hardest all the time, he played hard only when he wanted to. He also used shoulder pads with a layer of sheet metal under them, so he could hit opposing players even harder. Jim was not just a great football player he was an Olympian as well, winning several medals in the Olympics. Harold "Red" Grange was a legendary college player nicknamed, ‘The Galloping Ghost'. Red helped college fans appreciate the professional game, he signed his first professional contract ten days after his college career had ended. "Red Grange made his professional debut on Thanksgiving day before a crowd of over 10,000 fans, before his arrival in professional football the crowds were usually measured in the hundreds"(Source H). Sammy Baugh and Otto Graham reinvented the passing game of football. They were considered the first gunslingers of football. All of these players helped revolutionize the game. Growing in popularity, the game of football was about to take some huge steps. "In 1932 the first indoor game was played due to weather, the game was played on an eighty yard field" (Source J). During the Great Depression the NFL thrived,

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