High Performance Work System For An Online University Essay

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High Performance Work System for an Online University We previously discussed the different aspects of the HRM infrastructure, and how each of the processes intertwine, now we will discuss how combining all the pieces together creates a high performance work system that helps to maximize the workforce’s knowledge, skills, flexibility and commitment towards the organizational goals. In this paper, we will also reveal the key components of the High Performance Work System (HPWS) with the probability of implementing a (HPWS) in an online University. In our economic environment today, there is a massive progression demand for online higher education that provides professors with high credentials, personalized mentoring, latest technology and highly credited curriculums, outstanding customer service, and affordable tuition. Due to the competitive challenges these institutes endure, implementing a High Performance Work System in the university will them maintain a competitive advantage.
High Performance Work System (HPWS) are new strategies that organization are implementing, which focuses on integrating the social and technical functions that engages their employees at every level to achieve the organization’s goals. In doing this, they are able to combat the competitive challenges of an increasing universal competition, utilizing technology, controlling change, servicing customers, creating and maintaining assets while cutting costs. Corporations that initiate…

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