Health Science Is The Route I Shall Take After My Days Essay

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Health science is the route I shall take after my days in high school. I have known this for a very long time because I want to help my Hispanic community. Although, I would like to about another subject. A subject that has haunted me ever since the day I learned what a period was. English for some people comes naturally, they write fluently and very courageous without any worries because they know their piece will come out wonderful the first time. I need to re-read almost everything that I have written, as well as check to see if it makes sense as I go. English is a very intricate subject that many like, but few are rarely any good at. Although you might want to pursue this career, all you can ask for is a happy conclusion.

English can take you through many routes; one in particular that is very interesting is teaching. As a teacher, you have to teach well & efficiently. At the high school level it doesn’t seem too hard because high school students either do the work, or stay quietly without bothering anyone. That is a different story at Aurora Central High School. The graduation rate is just above fifty percent and the students are not interested in school as other students would be around the state. Teaching at Aurora Central has a different meaning, as well as different skills teachers need to know. Dr. Whitney is one of the great teachers that teaches at Aurora Central, she talks about how students need a better work ethic to survive high school and move onto a career…

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