He Day With Regret ( Short Story ) Essay

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he day with regret ( Short Story)

Disclaimer: All the characters of this short story are fictitious; if someone’s real life replay with this characters, it will be just a coincidence.

Molly fell in a love with a guy to whom she has never seen in her life yet. The guy named Raj sent her an friendship request in her Facebook and Molly had accepted that. They started to chatting with each other, sharing their feeling, happiness and everything. They become close to each other because of the attraction of opposite sex. Their age was also the other factor that brought them together with common views and opinion; understanding the world. They used to chat almost every day keeping their issues of conversation unlimited regardless of their relation who they were. One day Raj said he felt inside Molly’s heart and he also speculated Molly also might have been the same boat thats why they were there on that day Their physical distance where very far from each other as they were from the different continent of the world. It wasn’t possible to see each other physically neither they hoped to be close physically. Despite of their physical distance they found within each other putting inside of the heart. They became happy for finding a soulmate due to the invention of Facebook.

Their sharing and caring kept going on. They forget the friends of real life and stick to the relation which was created in the virtual world. Sometime they used to fight for different issues but couldn’t stop…

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