Grand Canyon Report Essay

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The Grand Canyon National Park Have you ever wondered how it would feel to hike along a canyon that has never before been seen by another man? Or look out into the open and see nothing but vast caves? People from all over the world come to experience that at the Grand Canyon National Park, located entirely in North Arizona. With it’s vast canyons, uncharted caves and valleys, the Grand Canyon is a very popular park for hikers of all sorts, whether you are experienced or beginner, the park offers recreational activities for everyone. The Grand Canyon has much to offer from just gazing out into the amazing scenery, hiking along a rough terrain, camping with your family for a few days or visiting the Indian reservations. The Canyon is a …show more content…
The historical meaning of the park of the park is not only the huge canyon and mysterious rock layers but the Indian reservations and the monuments such as the Montezuma Castle, which is the number one well preserved ancient dwellings in Northern Arizona. It is said to be the most spectacular. The Castle belongs to the Sinagua Indian peoples who farmed the land between the 12th and 14th centuries, before leaving the area. The Hualapai Indian Reservation occupies a huge area of the western Grand Canyon. With its rough and rugged land most of this country can only be visited by long hiking trips and/or driving on unmentioned roads.

The Peach Springs Canyon is one of the larger branches of the main canyon. Access by vehicle is possible along a bumpy and unpaved track, it ends on a beach with sand dunes, and has camping ground for you and your family to rough it for a few days. The park has much to do for all sorts of people if you feel like taking a day trip to see the beautiful scenery and go bird watching to hiking and camping, roughing it for a week or two. The Grand Canyon has it.

If you like to hike, you can hike the Bright Angel Trail which begins near the main visitors complex and reaches to the Colorado river . This is trail is 8.5 miles long and is the most popular among the hikers, and is the “easiest” trail by far, although most of all the hikers turn around about half way through.

Another trail to be hiked is the South

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