Framing Information Changes The Perspective Of Sexual Behaviors

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Framing Information changes the Perspective of Sexual Behaviors
Throughout the development of new treatments for sexual transmission diseases, there have been many researchers regarding effective ways in order to enforce the decrease of risk behaviors to the public. According to the Centers for Disease Control (2005) approximately one-half of people who are sexually active will acquire a sexually transmitted disease by the age 25. For this reason, this current study focuses on the large number of cases of sexual transmitted diseases in college students. The purpose of this study is to explore a different method more cost-efficient to address a big concern that has become for professionals in the health sciences field. While some STD prevention programs include costly community interventions, as well as, lengthy school-affiliated programs, the technique presented in this review includes the framing of information of different case scenarios exposing negative and neutral factual information of a common sexual transmitted disease such as gonorrhea, hoping to alter the participants’ perspective of their own risk sexual behaviors.
This review bases on the idea that according to how the information is presented to the audience, there is a possibility to influence decision-making not only sexual behaviors but in another aspects. Zimet (2000) questioned in his study whether there were specific factors that could affect the acceptability of immunization for sexual transmitted…

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